#Excel Short and Sweep Tip #10 (Add Custom AutoCorrect with UDF) by David Hager

I was reading articles at exceloffthegrid.com and I came across this technique to add an autocorrect replacement in Excel.


I thought that it would be useful to make a way to automate this process. So, I created the following VBA function procedure (put in a general module in VBE).

Function AutoCorrectAdd(ReplaceWhat As String, ReplaceWith As String)

Application.AutoCorrect.AddReplacement What:=ReplaceWhat,Replacement:=ReplaceWith

End Function

So, if cell A2 contained RobC and B2 contained https://powerpivotpro.com/, then the formula

= AutoCorrectAdd(A2,B2), run in a worksheet UDF

would add that autocorrect replacement the built-in AutoCorrect list. If you then type RobC, it would be replaced by https://powerpivotpro.com/.

You could also use this function in a Sub procedure. Say that you had an Excel list of nicknames and their corresponding e-mail addresses. You could create a Sub that operated on each row of the two column list with the AutoCorrectAdd function to convert the list to autocorrect replacements (not shown, a challenge to the reader 😊).

Hope that you find this useful.


2 thoughts on “#Excel Short and Sweep Tip #10 (Add Custom AutoCorrect with UDF) by David Hager

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