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DAX KEEPFILTERS Plus Bonus Complaining!

When to Use SUM() vs SUMX()

SQL-query folding bug still alive and sucking in PowerBI and PowerQuery in Excel

Related Distinct Count in DAX

Storing and Running M Code from #Excel Worksheet Cells by David Hager

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Using Power BI to Extract Data from Office 365 Reporting Web Services

Stick a Drop Pin in It: Visualize Data With Maps (DAX Reanimator Series: Part 2)

Built In and Custom Lists in Excel

How To Customize The Order Of Your Excel Slicer Buttons

Bible Verse In Any Language Using #Excel by David Hager



#Excel Super Links #101 – shared by David Hager


Why does the calculation mode keep changing?

Variations of Alternative Bullet Graphs in Excel

Row Context and Filter Context in DAX

Browser automation in Excel VBA using Selenium

#Excel Short and Sweet Tip #27 (Use Worksheet UDF to Add Background to #Excel Worksheet) by David Hager


#Excel Super Links #100 (Special Edition) – shared by David Hager


My Top 10 Most Underviewed Posts (IMO)

Please check out these posts on my website. There are some powerful techniques to be found here.

#Excel: Getting the Sunrise and Sunrise Times From an Address by David Hager

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#Excel: Using Conditional Formatting to Highlight 3D Formulas with Defined Names by David Hager

Getting the Latest Earthquake Alert Using the WEBSERVICE and FILTERXML Functions in #Excel by David Hager

Creating a Unique Delimited String from an Excel Filtered List by Using the TEXTJOIN Function By David Hager

Excel: Conditional Format Rows in List 1 that are Not in List 2 by David Hager

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The DAX ENDSWITHX Function Equivalent

Returning the First Temperature in PowerPivot

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#Excel Super Links #99 – shared by David Hager


Calculate the Sum of Varying Ranges Based on a Condition and Across Multiple Sheets

Specify a dis-contiguous range for an Excel function argument

Transparent UserForm Background with VBA

Handling Different Granularities In DAX

Excel Short & Sweet Tip #7(Highlighting External Links) by David Hager

#Excel Super Links #98 – shared by David Hager


Power Query – Adding null to values returns null

Power BI – When is the Best Day to See Your Favorite Baseball Team?

The Calendar Table (Date Dimension) Explained for Power Pivot & Power BI

Always Use Stored Procedures

Lookup a Bible Verse In Any Language Using #Excel by David Hager


#Excel Super Links #96 – shared by David Hager


Using the SELECTEDVALUE function in DAX

Lookup the Second, the Third, or the Nth Value in Excel

Non-linear Break-Even Analysis in PowerBI

Everything you need to know about the VLOOKUP function

A Lot More to See Here Since I Trashed a Bunch of Posts (150, to be exact)