xlCubeSuper An Excel Game Explained – Part4

This is the 4th post to explain in detail how my xlCube game application was constructed. To read the previous post, go to:


The number of hits is recorded by this formula


Where BigBoard is the 3D range representing the playing board.

The number of shots is recorded by this type of formula for each of the 7 cubes.


For explanation of the ERROR.TYPE function, see:


See the figure for each area discussed.


The following formulas use the EVALUATE function, which is an old-style xlm macro function. It can only be used in a defined name formula. If you have noticed an issue opening the game application, this may be the cause. You would then have to place the file in a trusted location to open it. They are used in the conditional formatting of the 7 hits cells.

gbool1 =ERROR.TYPE(EVALUATE(“cShip”&ROW()-5))=5

This formula is really just there in case there is no ship center for that specific ship. Previously, the user was allowed to select the number of ships to be created, so this conditional formatting formula is really a legacy feature, not affecting the game functionality.

gbool2 =NOT(ISERROR(EVALUATE(“cShip”&ROW()-5)))

If the cell for cShip1 (in row 6) has a black color from conditional formatting, it means that this formula is TRUE, cShip1 does not exist. It has been destroyed.

The next post will focus on “taking a shot”.




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