#Excel Super Links #100 (Special Edition) – shared by David Hager


My Top 10 Most Underviewed Posts (IMO)

Please check out these posts on my website. There are some powerful techniques to be found here.

#Excel: Getting the Sunrise and Sunrise Times From an Address by David Hager


#Excel: Removing Outliers with Excel Formulas to Modify Control Limits by David Hager


#Excel: Using Conditional Formatting to Highlight 3D Formulas with Defined Names by David Hager


Getting the Latest Earthquake Alert Using the WEBSERVICE and FILTERXML Functions in #Excel by David Hager


Creating a Unique Delimited String from an Excel Filtered List by Using the TEXTJOIN Function By David Hager


Excel: Conditional Format Rows in List 1 that are Not in List 2 by David Hager


#Excel Short and Sweet Tip #17 (Returning a Letter Grade Based on a Normal Grading Scale Without Lookup Table) by David Hager


The DAX ENDSWITHX Function Equivalent


Returning the First Temperature in PowerPivot


#Excel Short and Sweet Tip #25 (Random Sound – Worksheet UDF) by David Hager





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