#Excel Super Links #61-90: > 150 Excel and BI Links


I had mentioned previously that I used this wonderful Word technique to combine 30 Word files to make these collections.


One thing I did not mention was that there was a lot of blank space creating during the file consolidation. On the previous 2 ESL collections the space was laboriously removed manually. Not wanting to have to do this again, I searched the net and found this comment in a discussion about removing blank space from Word documents.


“Replacing ^p^p with ^p actually is the proper way to remove empty paragraphs.

However, when my documents contains e.g. ^p^p^p^p or similar, it won’t pick them all up and will again leave ^p^p. So I’ve to run this search/replace operation a few times until all cases have been covered.”


In order to get rid of all of the empty paragraghs, I needed 8 repeat operations of this type. You can download the resulting Word file containing >250 links to great Excel and Power BI content here.

Excel Super Links 61-90


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