Generating Random Initials with DAX in Power BI by David Hager

After publishing a short article about generating random initials in Excel

I wanted to see if the same formula worked in Power BI. When I entered the aforementioned formula into a calculated column in Power BI desktop, I got an error message. After some research, I discovered that was no CHAR function in the DAX function reference. Then, I remembered that Chris Webb showed examples of the new UNICHAR function at the following link.

And, Chris discovered that the UNICHAR function was completely undocumented and was probably introduced in the April 2017 update. So, I changed my random initials formula using UNICHAR instead of CHAR, and it worked.


Now, you can use this in your Power BI projects.

It is still a mystery how DAX could be around for 8 years and not have the CHAR function (or its equivalent).



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