Interesting job postings related to Power BI and VBA

After I wrote about my opinion on Excel and Power BI, I decided to search trends at related to Power BI and VBA. First, I put in the search terms Excel, VBA, and PowerPivot. Interestingly, the following shows an unexpected (to me) result.

Prior, to mid-July 2013, there were basically zero job postings based on those criteria. Then, the job postings grew significantly from that point to now. Obviously, this was long after the introduction of PowerPivot (~4 years), so what happened at this time? The following link is to a posting on the SQL Server blog on July 8, 2013.

This was the announcement of the introduction of Power BI. So, why would this announcement causing a “surge” of job postings base on searching for Excel, VBA, and PowerPivot? It is clear (to me) that there was(is) an expectation by the corporate world that Microsoft would implement a programming language (probably VBA) that would eventually be extended throughout PowerPivot (the DataModel object so far) and the rest of the Power BI offerings, creating the ability to build corporate, non-manual solutions using Excel as the hub.

I will be watching closely to see if this “indicator” gives any clues pertaining to the strengthening or weakening of this expectation.

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